I’ve recently had a major clearing out session at home.  It’s amazing what I found lurking at the back of drawers and cupboards!  No treasures for the Antiques Roadshow, but one odd find was a container full of teapot lids. Spring cleaning is a very healthy exercise in many ways, and not just because of the physical exertion involved.  We need to get rid of things we no longer find useful, and sort out those which are still of benefit and value to us. Clearing space also allows us to acquire new things which make our homes more welcoming to ourselves and to others.  

I realised I also needed to do a spiritual ‘spring cleaning’ and sort through some of the clutter in my life. Am I clinging on to attitudes, ideas, relationships which I really need to let go?  Do I need more space in my life for other people, and for God?  Do I need to explore new ideas and relationships in order to grow and move forwards?  A spiritual ‘spring clean’ could help me see my priorities more clearly – what do I really value in life, which relationships are the most important and how is my relationship with God?
I was struck recently by Jesus’ words to Mary Magdalene in the garden, ‘Do not cling on to me.’  At the resurrection that temptation to hold on to Jesus must have been so strong for her and for all the disciples – but they had to let him go.  Jesus’ promise to be with them always could only be fulfilled by his returning to his Father and sending the Holy Spirit as his living inner presence to his followers. So we need to learn when it is right to ‘let go’ of possessions and people, of attitudes and ideas, so that God’s good purpose in our lives might be fulfilled.     

Ann Bunce

Source : Association for Church Editors