When you wear a tight mask around your face, a hat, a face shield, a gown, two pairs of gloves, and something to protect your shoes, it is a totally different (nursing) thing; and, as nurses, you have to stay in that side room or unit for 12-and-a-half hours. It is really draining physically. You…can’t even go to the loo because your patients are terribly sick. They are on maximum (life support), so you can’t take your eyes off that monitor. – ITU nurse on the reality of nursing in PPE

Churches need to proclaim a better vision for the economy after the pandemic. Our economy is underpinned by the flawed assumption that people find their fulfilment through individual consumption: the more you have, the better your life will be. – Simon Perfect, researcher for Theos

Those who have found God in digital church may want to keep God there rather than discover transforming participation in the Body of Christ….  We need to find creative new ways of combining physical gathering with the virtual. – Canon Mark Collinson, Principal of the School of Mission Winchester Diocese.

No donations are coming in. Everybody is at home, and the last thing they expect is charities … sending emails asking for money. But at the same time, we have projects to run, staff to pay…– director of a humanitarian charity

History books will inevitably tell the story of a virus that swept the world in 2020. But it is up to us what that story will look like. Either… the story of a virus that … showed up the weakness, selfishness and frailty of people… or how people responded with their best, how the virus was a medical but not a social tragedy.  – Canon Will Hughes, Vicar of Petersfield, Portsmouth Diocese. 

The Covid-19 pandemic is traumatic not only because it threatens our existence… but it also threatens the cultural norms, frameworks and habits that we take for granted…leaving us socially isolated and … disorientated. It is no longer easy for us to say ‘…but life goes on’. – Canon Joanna Collicutt, clinical psychologist, Ripon College Cuddesdon.

I may make all things well, and I can make all things well, and I shall make all things well; and thou shalt see thyself that all manner of things shall be well. – Mother Julian of Norwich during the Black Death which had killed one third of the population of Norwich.

Source : Parish Pump