It’s ok that you didn’t clean the house today,
It’s ok that you didn’t run six miles,
It’s ok that you don’t know how to make soufflĂ©,
Or that you’re not always full of smiles,
Don’t worry that you haven’t learnt to crochet,
Don’t worry if you feel a little blue,
It’s ok to relax sometimes,
Just do the things that make you, you.
Take this time to re-evaluate,
The things you really need,
Enjoy the sun that’s right outside,
Read that book you want to read,
Chat to a neighbour that you’ve never met,
Re-read your favourite bible verse,
Make sure that you’re eating well,
And just remember, it could be worse.
Remember you are loved,
Remember to be safe,
Phone a friend, say a prayer,
Remember to have faith.

(Leah Plant – aged 14)

Source : Association for Church Editors