Norma and Kevin Cannon moved to Holmes Chapel after marrying in 1953. They lived in a small cottage on Middlewich Road opposite the George and Dragon, and another property further along the road, before moving to Chester Road.

Chester Road was home for Norma and Kevin. It’s where they had 2 children, Jill and Paul, from where Jill left to be married at St Luke’s, where grandchildren were brought and showered with love, where Kevin passed away in 2000 and Norma stayed until she passed away there in May. There are many happy memories for us all: learning to make cakes with Norma first with her children and then her grandchildren, warm bread from Mandeville’s on a Saturday, playing in the garden. There was always a welcome smile and a ‘would you like a cup of tea?’ for any friends we brought there and for visitors generally.

Norma worked part time in Ivor Williams’ shop and subsequently in Cambrian Stores, she enjoyed seeing all the people who came in to shop. To go into the village with her to ‘quickly pick something up’ always took a while because she knew so many people who would stop to say hello. She missed this contact when she was less able to visit the village but there were regular visitors to the house and friends of many years still popped in even recently.

It seems particularly cruel that Norma should pass away at a time of lockdown, during which the usual busy village centre is quiet and St Luke’s is closed; a funeral like Kevin had isn’t possible and people aren’t able to attend the service in the crematorium, which is out of the village. The parish magazine, which had been a presence in her home for so many years, now carries the news of her passing and hopefully reaches many of the people she knew.

Jill Mallett