Evening Meeting Tuesday 10th March

We were visited by the Guides and Rangers to tell us about the overseas trips they undertook last year and forthcoming trips for which they are now busy fundraising.

Guides and Rangers at Mothers’ Union
Photo : Dorothy Wood

There were eight MU members present and one guest. The meeting started with a short service led by Dorothy Wood including readings and prayers from Jean Paton and Chris Land. 

The Guides then told us about the three trips that took place last year

The first was to Switzerland undertaken by Jenny, Charlotte and Lizzy. This was a 10 day coach trip for 20 guides and rangers from around Cheshire. They first went to an adventure park where they experienced speed abseiling, zip wires and white water rafting. They visited Jungfrau and particularly enjoyed the Ice Palace at the top of the mountain. They then spent time at Our Chalet which is one of the 5 Guiding World Centres.

The second group, Olivia and Leila, travelled to Slovenia. This was an 11 day community trip and they spent some time clearing litter, helping to clean the War Memorial and river beds. They also spent three days teaching English at a local school, around 30 students turned up each day. The exciting leisure activities included white water rafting and mountain walks. A highlight was attending the Mayor’s daughter’s party, who they later met again at Covent Garden around Christmas.

The third trip took Charlotte M to Mexico. She first spent three days in Mexico City where she explored and learnt about the culture of the area and tasted local foods, visiting Aztec pyramids, markets and the Frida Kahlo museum. The trip then continued to “Our Cabana”, the world guiding centre in Cuernavaca City, Mexico. The party joined an International Event with other guides from North America, Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas. They did crafts with children from a local orphanage, attempting to converse in Spanish. A highlight of the trip was waterfall jumping.

The girls’ scrapbooks
Photo: Dorothy Wood

The groups created scrap books of their trips which they brought along for us to enjoy.

The girls who are currently fundraising for future visits then told us a little about the planned trips. 

Francis, Evie and Mollie have been chosen for a Jamboree in Poland in July this year, wherethere will be around twenty thousand guides and scouts from all over the world. 

Alice and Charlie will be going to Malta this summer for a ten day camping trip. They will be doing some community work whilst there. 

Lily is going to Nepal in 2021. It is a community based project and they will be helping in an orphanage. She is particularly excited about the planned visit to an Elephant Sanctuary!

The trips are fun and educational.  The fund raising which includes giving many talks before and after the trips really help them to gain confidence and get the best out of the whole experience.

Judith Copley