September 2020

Dear friends,

We reach the start of a new school year and many of us realise that we must get on with it.  Despite the difficulties of Covid-19 measures and the dangers of a new outbreak, some things need to carry on anyway.  Childrens’ education and social development is too important to delay any longer, and so teachers and support staff are going the extra mile to help young people forward.

When the authorities gave the green light for resuming small church services in July, we decided to make the most of the window of opportunity.  Communion services at 9am on Sundays and 10.30am on Wednesdays have been running smoothly for several weeks now.  We recognised the number of our regulars who were not engaging with Zoom services, and these limited church services have been a helpful way forward for them, while others continue on Zoom.

There is another window of opportunity which we do not wish to miss.  For some time now, we have been looking towards upgrading our church lighting and replacing our church organ.  The organists have been aware that our present organ is declining.  The PCC have found a good replacement at a good price.  The church of the Good Shepherd, Heswall, are demolishing their 1960’s church building and are glad for us to have their pipe organ, if we take it before the demolition in the new year.

We have been told by several organ builders that it is a good instrument and more than suitable for our needs.  So we have chosen the best offer and would like to start the careful skilful work of moving and refurbishing the pipes and mechanisms of the organ as soon as possible.  The likely cost of removal, storage, refurbishment and replacement,in the position of the present organ and console, is about £56,000.  Together with a long-planned lighting upgrade, the organ appeal is something urgent and we just need to get on with it. 

So at Harvest Festival we will launch an Appeal for £80,000. 

Some may not be in a good position to give generously because of employment setbacks and the costly effect of the virus outbreak.  But many of us still have our incomes and have saved the cost of holidays and other treats, which have proved impossible in the present climate. The Lord has been gracious in seeing through.  So we are hoping many will be able to pledge a large gift to the St Luke’s Organ and Lighting Appeal.

We hope that at least half of the £80,000 will be promised by members of the church in a Harvest Thanksgiving pledge.  The gifts may be one-off or perhaps promised to be paid regularly over a two-year period.  A large generous response in October will enable the organ replacement to go ahead, and the good opportunity to be taken. 

When Nehemiah’s critics plotted to delay the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem after The Exile, God’s people prayed, posted a guard and continued the work one-handed rather than lose the momentum of the project.  The PCC is keen that we pray and give faithfully during this time of crisis.  While the church building is used less, we have a chance to improve it, ready for a new and better day.

With every encouragement in Christ,

Canon Rob