I have just heard from Carol Redfern of Blood Bikes Manchester confirming that Chair, Paul Redfern, will present ‘Blood Bikes Manchester’ on Friday, 5th February at 7.55 for 8pm via Zoom conferencing.  The meeting will be hosted by Brian Donlon – details and link to follow.

Blood Bikes Manchester was formed in 2011 by a motorcycle club whose members decided to put their passion for riding to good use by forming what became later known as Blood Bikes Manchester.  By January 2012, they had formed the Charity and acquired 3 bikes, 1 support car and a hospital willing to trial the charity.  Since going live with Tameside Hospital’s Pathology Laboratory, the charity has expanded both in size and in the variety of tasks it undertakes for the NHS.

The Redferns will donate the fee to Blood Bikes Manchester.  For further information about the meeting, please contact Barbara Smith on 01477 537301, or at barbara.smith47@hotmail.com

Barbara Smith