Feeling thankful and excited about the future at Barnabus

A huge thank you for everyone’s who has helped us through this crisis and all the people and organisations who have worked so hard alongside us as we support people experiencing homelessness in Manchester. As we plan to come out of lockdown and reopen our premises and some of our services we will be experiencing new costs and challenges. We will need your support whether it is though fundraising, donations, funding or supplying our PPE needs.

We have unfortunately missed out on two of our biggest annual fundraising events during this lockdown; the Great Manchester Run and Dragon Boat. So we’re encouraging people to do personal sponsored runs, cycles or other activities to help support our critical and ongoing work, we really can’t do this without your help.


To donate to Barnabus, or for more information, please follow this link:  https://www.barnabus-manchester.org.uk

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From our PCSO, Liz Chesters

We appreciate our articles would usually give readers information on what your local community police team had been up to over the last few weeks, such as meetings with local partners and road traffic operations being held. Currently we are limited with social contact and therefore we wanted to take this chance to talk about some of our media campaigns.

Cheshire police are opening the door on unhealthy relationships. Are you, or someone you know, in a relationship that doesn’t feel quite right? Is one person in the relationship controlling, manipulative, abusive or violent? If so this is an unhealthy relationship and is defined as domestic abuse. In our current situation it is vital that victims of domestic abuse know how and where to access support. Our message is simple – you are not alone. Cheshire Police are holding online domestic abuse surgeries, which provide a safe and secure outlet for people to get in touch with us and support services to get vital advice about how to stay safe. You can find more information on these surgeries on the Cheshire Police Facebook or Twitter pages.

On news for the community, a 35 year-old man has been handed an eight-year prison sentence after admitting armed robbery offences. Daniel Monk pleaded guilty to two counts of robbery in Cheshire. Monk committed the first offence in Rode Heath armed with a crowbar before continuing to the Post Office on Main Road in Goostrey where he threatened the shopkeepers before stealing a large quantity of cash. Detective Constable Kevin Lloyd who oversaw the investigation stated he was delighted that Monk had received a further eight year custodial sentence to add to the five years he was already serving.

If you are also interested in more of our activity and advice during this time then please follow us on social media where we are able to speak directly to you as our community about incidents and crimes we are finding in the area. Your local officers social media pages are ‘Dane Valley Police’ for Facebook and ‘@DaneValleyPol’ for our Twitter account. You can also contact us via Crewe.LPU@Cheshire.pnn.police.uk

Once again, to each and every one of you that is helping us and your community to stay safe, Thank you. 


Blame the chair, not me!

(A timely message from Jenny Edwards MBE of the Disabled Christian Fellowship)

I am a long-term wheelchair user and my electric wheelchair is an amazing tool in many ways, but as with so many wonderful things it can also go wrong. And that is a wonderful illustration of how we feel at times – and how God can intervene at the not-so-good times.

Do you sometimes have days when you feel things are just not running smoothly? I often do, and on those days I frequently find my chair simply does what it wants to do and not what I want it to do! For instance, doors and walls get in the way and I crash into them knocking off the paint and causing even more frustration than before. Admittedly, this is mainly due to my not concentrating whilst driving, but at the time I see it as a wheelchair fault!  

Another situation is when the chair takes on a mind of its own. The joystick on the chair is extremely sensitive and the slightest knock can send me in a direction I do not want to go, and at a speed that is frightening! This often happens when someone rests their arm on the chair, hitting the joystick. Again, I blame the chair, but really, if I had turned it off that would not happen. Once I actually had to be rescued from a bush in a ditch because I failed to turn the chair off whilst talking to someone! Another chair incident can be caused by failing to turn the battery charger on at night – no battery charge, chair no go!

You will have no doubt realised that every one of these incidents could have been avoided if I had been more careful. It is so easy to blame things or people when the day does not go to plan. I blame my chair, but that does not make me feel any better. However, just stopping still for a while, and using that time to connect with God, can and does change the day. A day that does not start with a conversation with God is never a good day for me, but the wonderful thing is, I canstop and connect with Him.

Source : Association for Church Editors

Report from our PCSO

We would like to start this month’s article by saying a big thank you to our community and residents for doing their part and staying at home during the current lockdown measures. As your local community team we have been on foot patrol in the villages and keeping a visible presence to help and guide people around these unprecedented times. We have had a new member of the team join us, PC Stuart Hatton who has taken the role of beat manager within Dane Valley. PC Hatton has been a response officer for many years responding to emergency calls, and is now looking to use his knowledge and experience to tackle long term problems within our community.

We have had a lot of resident’s contact us concerned about potential breaches of the current guidelines set by the Government. We’re seeking to resolve situations where people appear to be or are contravening the government advice on physical social distancing and the stay at home measures without resorting to enforcement and issuing fines. Therefore we are asking that you please only tell us about something if you feel there is a significant issue or serious breach of the restrictions. We are also asking that you report this through our new online form on the Cheshire Police website, this is to help reduce the demand on calls that we are receiving in our Force Contact Centre.

As we cannot hold our weekly community meetings like usual, we are also holding an online surgery on the Sandbach Police Twitter and Facebook social media pages. This is held once a week and the dates are published on these accounts in advance. You can then speak to one of our officers and ask any questions you may have.

If you are also interested in more of our activity and advice during this time then please follow us on social media where we are able to speak directly to you as our community about incidents and crimes we are finding in the area. Your local officers social media pages are ‘Dane Valley Police’ for Facebook and ‘@DaneValleyPol’ for our Twitter account. You can also contact us via Crewe.LPU@Cheshire.pnn.police.uk

Once again, to each and every one of you that is helping us and your community to stay safe, thank you. 


Latest News From Barnabus

I have just received the following email from Neil Cornthwaite at Barnabus with an update of the charity’s work at this difficult time. Please take a few moments to view Neil’s message.

Alan Rickards

30th April 2020

Dear Alan

As a valued partner of Barnabus we wanted to give you a further update on the fast changing situation we find ourselves in as we help the city and those experiencing homelessness in particular through the COVID 19 crisis.

I have recorded a new video update, we know a lot of you used the last one in your online content last time so thank you for doing that we really appreciate it – please feel free to use this new one again.

If you have further questions or ideas about how your church and ministry can support us at this time then do get in touch.

We hope and pray you are safe and well at this time- once again we thank you for your support and prayers at this time


Neil Cornthwaite
Head of Operations
Barnabus, 45 Bloom St, Manchester, M1 3LY
0161 237 3223
07534 010 272

Holmes Chapel and District Men’s Probus Club

Membership is open to retired professional and business men and new members are always welcome. 

The Club was formed in 1985. It is very active and currently has over forty members. It meets on the first Tuesday of every month, at 2.00 pm in the Methodist Church Hall, for about two hours. Members socialise and listen to a visiting speaker. These talks cover a vast range of subjects. There is always a break for tea or coffee when members mingle and chat. As an option some members meet for lunch in the George and Dragon before the meeting.

The Club also has a very active crown-green bowls group which plays every week. Summer bowls are on the green at Cranage, in winter they move indoors to Congleton Leisure Centre. Twice each year a visit is arranged to the bowls centre in Prestatyn.

Members are able to participate in a friendly game of golf each week at Woodside in combination with other local Probus Clubs.

Visits to places of interest are arranged occasionally during the year.

An annual lunch is held for members and their wives or partners early in the New Year.If you think you would enjoy the opportunity to make new friends, or would like more information, please ring Roy Foden on 01477 535924 or speak to any existing member you may know.