Christian Aid Week May 2020

A very big ‘’Thank You !!!’’ to everyone who supported us during Christian Aid Week in May.

Christian Aid Donations to our Group’s Just Giving Page together with cheques and cash sent to the Committee raised a magnificent sum in excess of £2300 during May which includes Gift Aid where appropriate.

Whilst this is less than 50% normally raised in our annual House to House envelope collection in and around Holmes Chapel, this is an amazing result in light of the current Covid 19 situation and will be used by Christian Aid to help the most needy and vulnerable around the world during this very difficult time.

If you missed the chance to donate for Christian Aid Week, and would still like to do so, the Group’s online Just Giving page can still be found online on the following link:

Holmes Chapel Ecumenical Christian Aid Group – Christian Aid Week May 2020

“Don’t wash your hands”

Christian Aid

Christian Aid faces a huge dilemma this year.  For decades, it has relied on the generous donations of the general public to fund its overseas aid and development programmes aimed at alleviating poverty and addressing crisis situations.  Last year the total raised was in excess of £8m and engaged around 57,000 volunteers.  This year, due to Covid-19, there are no door-to-door collections, but we are still being encouraged to donate.  This year the focus is on Kenya, which is experiencing its worst drought in living memory, and now has Coronavirus to contend with too.  The prospect is extremely worrying.   What were we all told to do to combat Coronavirus?  “Wash your hands”.  Well, that’s not difficult if you have soap and water.  Christian Aid is helping Kenyan’s to build water traps and dams, without which many will die from a basic lack of water and hygiene.  We remember from Holy Week how when Pontius Pilate could not find any fault in Jesus he ‘washed his hands’ claiming to be “innocent of this man’s blood” (Matt 27:24).   Please let’s not “wash our hands” of the plight of our Kenyan brothers and sisters.  If you can, please donate a little something to Christian Aid this year.

Holmes Chapel Ecumenical Christian Aid Group realised that handling cash would not be an option in the current situation and have set up a Just Giving page to enable supporters to donate online.

The link for the Holmes Chapel Group Just giving page can be found here:

The donations will go directly to the central Christian Aid Fund but by using this link, we will in due course, be able to give you the normal information about how much has been collected locally for Christian Aid.

We are very conscious indeed that at this unusual time, finances can be difficult and not everyone uses a computer. We would like all supporters of Christian Aid to be assured that the group will be resuming normal fund raising opportunities as soon as they are allowed, but in the meantime, we felt that we had to put some facility in place rather than not try at all.

If you have any queries, please speak to Sue Wood 01477 534842.

In Love

Holmes Chapel Ecumenical Christian Aid Group