By now you will, hopefully, have heard some of our bells ringing for the new and revised Sunday morning service.

The nature of ringing, involving close proximity of the ringers to each other and direct hand contact on ropes,  has made the return to ringing quite complicated involving three way discussion between HMG, Church authorities and the national body representing ringers (Central Council of Church Bell Ringers)

A plan has been developed allowing social distancing by halving the number of bells rung and only allowing ringers to ring a designated bell, and also limiting the ringing time to 15 minutes.  No practices of the tradition kind are permitted.

That is why you are hearing only three bells, and only for 15 minutes.

It will also be a novel and strange experience ringing with a mask.

It has been most gratifying to read on Social Media the favourable comments by people who have heard the bells, for the first time since early March. Thank you on behalf of all our ringers.

Mervyn Harrison (Tower Captain)