Lynn McIntyre shares her thoughts on a new Bible reading tool

I’ve discovered a very helpful Christian ‘app’, which you may be interested in downloading. It’s free and has some excellent features. Called the ‘Bible app’ it was created by ‘YouVersion’.

There is a section where all the books of the Bible are listed with the option of clicking on individual chapters. Both reading and/or listening to the text is possible. A wide range of Bible versions is offered, including: New Living Translation, King James Version, and Good News. This sometimes helps me see a passage from a different angle and can help my understanding of it.

A video review of each book is also available. A section of text can be highlighted (different colours available). Scripture can be sent to a personal prayer list and you can also copy, share, add a note, bookmark or get a different translation on a particular piece of text etc. These highlighted, bookmarked extracts of scripture can then be accessed in a separate section.

The app has a video sub-section with a variety of videos such as ‘How to read the Bible’, ‘Wisdom’, ‘The Torah’, ‘The New Testament’ and so on. Selected Psalms have been put to music and are relaxing to listen to.

Within the search section of the app you can look up a particular word such as love, anger, wisdom, Holy Spirit etc and relevant scriptures in the Bible are listed. This is a very useful tool which I only discovered when asked to write this article. Often in the past I have wanted to easily access applicable scriptures for a particular word and this makes it easy.

Other excellent features include plans, images and Christian events that you may also find useful. Hopefully, this summary has given you a taste of what the ‘app’ offers, and I encourage you to download it and benefit from it.

Source : Association for Church Editors